Séminaire sécurité des systèmes électroniques embarqués

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Roel Maes

Key Generation and Management with SRAM PUFs

Physically unclonable functions (PUFs) were introduced over a decade ago and in the meantime have grown to be a well-established hardware security concept which has even found its way into industrial applications. In this talk, the basic notion of a PUF and the details of how to securely use a PUF as part of a cryptographic system will be explained.

The first part of this presentation covers the subject of PUFs themselves, how their concept should be understood and how their functionality arises in a silicon device. As a concrete example, the construction of an SRAM-based PUF is explained. Finally, as a transition to the next part, the basic (security) properties of PUFs are introduced and discussed.

In this talk's second part, it is shown how a PUF can be used to bootstrap cryptography. The concept of a fuzzy extractor plays a central role in this and is explained, including some practical implementation details. Once a secure key is derived from a PUF, a key management system can be used to fully support a cryptographic security system.

Finally, as a conclusion to this talk, some recent developments in the field of PUFs are discussed.