Séminaire sécurité des systèmes électroniques embarqués

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Tim Güneysu

Efficient Code-Based Cryptography on Embedded Systems

Cryptography plays a major role for the realization of secure applications in the emerging Internet of Things. In this context, it is often required to install quite advanced security services based on public-key cryptography, for example, to enable a secret key exchange over an untrusted channel. Unfortunately, all currently deployed public-key cryptosystems for this purpose rely on the hardness of factorization or a variant of the discrete logarithm problem as one-way trapdoor functions. In fact, it is known that both problems can be solved in polynomial time as soon as sufficiently large quantum computers will become available so that we are advised to have viable replacements ready. This talk highlights the challenges and latest achievements in the field of the alternative code-based cryptography (CBC) in regardt to its implementation on embedded systems. It turns out that CBC can a suitable alternative for public-key encryption and can be realized on inexpensive embedded hardware as available today.